Upcoming Events

April 1, 2020


Dear DMI Friends and Guests,

The Inn, Restaurant, and trails will be closed to the public starting today, Sunday, March 15th until further notice due to COVID-19.

You, our friends and guests, are very important to us and we want to do whatever it takes to keep you happy, safe, and comfortable.  At this time it's difficult to know how best to achieve that goal, but it seems clear that keeping our numbers low will significantly improve the statistical safety of everyone, including those who cannot join us.

This is a difficult time for everyone and we will strive to take each situation into account to yield the best possible outcome for everyone.

While the tragic realities of this virus have only just begun to reveal themselves, we must strive to consider this an opportunity to come together in spirit, especially as it physically drives us apart.  Please help us keep in mind that this is happening to all of humanity.  Nearly all of us will be directly affected in one way or another and this is a time for compassion, patience, and understanding.

We are closely monitoring the situation and we will keep you informed as the details emerge.

For any questions please email us directly: info@deermountaininn.com


Sincerely, Brian Wagner and the Deer Mountain Inn team.